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Let yourself become enchanted by selected gold jewelry, high-quality gold plated jewelry, a wide assortment of 925 silver jewelry, cutting-edge fashion jewelry, costume jewellery (own jewelry collection) and suitable jewelry boxes. Retailers of glass- and gift-ware will find selected glass and decorative items with high-grade gold or silver plating ( www.gallay.eu www.gallay.de).

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Back again and new Additions

31. July 2020

Gold 9Kt and Silver 925: earrings and pendants

GOLD jewellery 9Kt and Silver 925: earrings, pendants, nose stud

27. July 2020

Silver jewellery 925: Byzantine chains and bracelets

Square byzantine chains and bracelets in silver 925 from 19cm to 60cm, thickness: 3 and 5mm

17. July 2020

Silver 925: Hoop earrings, pendants

New in stock are various earrings and two zodiac pendants in silver 925, plain, bicolor and partly with zirconia.

02. July 2020

Silver 925, GOLD 14K: Chains, bracelets, pendants

Chains and bracelets in silver 925 and some pendants in GOLD 585 have arrived again.

12. June 2020

Gold 9Kt and Silver 925: Pendants, earrings, nose piercing

Larger jewellery delivery arrived: Popular pendants as well as earrings - stud earrings, leverback earrings - in 8ct GOLD and Silver 925, earrings with different colored stones.

09. June 2020

Silver 925, Gold jewellery 9K: Pendants and earrings

Silver jewellery 925 and 3 articles Gold jewellery 9Kt - Pendants and earrings

05. June 2020

Gold jewellery 9/14K and Silver 925: bracelets, necklaces, pendants

Gold jewellery 9/14Kt: necklaces and bracelets - Silver jewellery 925: 3 pendants

19. May 2020

Gold jewellery 9K and Silver 925: earrings, loop earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets etc.

Gold jewellery 9K: pendants, earrings (also in bicolor), anklet 25cm, necklace red gold 45cm - Silver jewellery 925 rhodium plated: curved ear creoles, kids bracelets 15cm, various pendants (lion, wing, cross)

18. May 2020

Silver jewellery 925 and GOLD jewellery: piercing, earrings, pendants

Silver jewellery 925: earrings, loop earring, pendants - GOLD jewellery: piercing, pendants

27. March 2020

GOLD 8K, Silver jewellery 925: Earrings with stones, letter pendants

GOLD jewellery (333) 8 carat: earrings and ear studs with coloured stones - Silver jewellery 925: letter pendants and more

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