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08. February 2018

Gold-Plated Jewellery: chains for pendants

Back in stock: Chains for pendants in excellent quality of gold plated jewellery in various lengths.

08. February 2018

GOLD 9K and 18K: Stud-Earrings and pendants with ginkgo motif

Back in stock again: earrings and pendants with "Ginkgo" motif and "Tree of Life" motif in 9ct Gold as well as the popular 2mm cord necklaces in 42cm and 45cm.

08. February 2018

Silver 925: Bracelets and chains, ginkgo-jewelry

Back in stock again: popular bracelets, pendant chains and necklaces - also as byzantine chain - in 925 sterling silver. Trendy "Ginkgo" jewelry as a brooch, pendants, as well as leverback- and stud- earrings in various sizes. Also a pair of tractors as blackened stud earrings and two different pairs of hoop earrings. Now, already think on Valentine's Day and the church Holidays - Easter really is at the end of March already!

21. December 2017

Silver 925: Bracelets and chains

New in stock: popular necklace for pendants and 4x4mm-byzantine bracelets in 925 sterling silver.

08. December 2017

Gold 8K and Silver 925: pendants, leverbacks with infinity sign and more

New in our line-up: leverback earrings with Infinity-Sign in Sterling Silver 925. Additionally, we have replenished popular items such as jesus sign- and the lucky clover leaf-pendants in 8ct GOLD.

08. December 2017

GOLD 9K and 14K: chains for pendants

New on stock: typical chains for pendants in 9K GOLD, also in Redgold in 14K.

27. November 2017

Silver 925: Byzantine bracelets and chain

New in stock: strong byzantine chains and bracelets in Sterling Silver 925.

10. November 2017

Gold 9K and Silver 925: New items, pendants with fairy, infinity sign and more

New in our line-up: Enchanting elf pendant, trendy pendant and stud earrings with Infinity-Sign in 9ct Gold and in Sterling Silver 925. Additionally, we have replenished popular items such as the motorcycle superbike- and game dice- pendants in 9ct Gold, the lucky clover leaf-, Yin-Yang- and star pendants as well as stud earrings star bicolor in Sterling Silver 925.

08. November 2017

Gold 9K : Pendants, nose studs and navel piercing with cubic zirconias

Another replenishment for your X-mas business: The beautiful pendant "Flower of Life", nose studs and navel piercings with Cubic Zirconias, cube ear studs, zirconia- and pearl- stud earrings in 9kt GOLD.

08. November 2017

Silver 925: pendants, thread earrings, plain hoop earrings

Thread earrings with zirconia heart or silver ball, pendant in the shape of the Chinese symbol for love, pearl earrings and simple wire hoop earrings with pin clasp in Sterling Silver 925 - back in stock again.

06. November 2017

Silver 925: Black chains for gothic pendants

New in our silver assortment: popular necklace in 925 sterling silver for pendants, anchor chain 4x diamond-cut, now also with surface finish in black-rhodium-plated. Long-lasting silver necklace, also suitable for stainless steel pendants and gothic jewelry.

06. November 2017

Silver 925: pendants for engraving

Popular pendants for engraving, pendant with yin-yang-sign or egyptian cross ANKH and two friendship-double-pendants in Sterling Silver 925.

24. October 2017

Gold 8K/9K and Silver 925: Kids and Men's Jewellery, Byzantine chains

New on stock: Popular kids jewellery and byzantine chains in Sterling Silver 925. Also pendants and studs in 8k an 9k GOLD.

17. October 2017

Silver 925: Kids jewellery, pendants, chains

Popular kids jewellery, as well as chains for pendants and strong byzantine chains in Sterling Silver 925.

17. October 2017

GOLD 8K, 9K and 14K: Initial pendants, leverback earring, chains

New on stock: Additional initial pendants and clover leaf in 9K GOLD and typical chains for pendants in 9K, also in Redgold in 14K, as well as a leverback earring with genuine garnet in 8K GOLD.

10. October 2017

Gold 9K and Silver 925: Kids Jewellery, Initial Pendants, Zodiac Signs, Angel Wings

New on stock: Popular kids jewellery with studs and leverback earrings, zodiac signs and pendants with angel theme in Sterling Silver 925. Also 5 pendants in 9k GOLD with faith-hope-charity, initials and clover leaf.

06. October 2017

Silver 925: Earrings, initial pendants, noise piercing, bracelets and chains

Popular initial pendants and earrings, chains, bracelets and ankle chain in Sterling Silver 925.

06. October 2017

Gold 8K and14K: Leverback earrings, studs and pendants & one byzantine bracelet

Nice leverback earrings with coloured circonia and original granat, studs, initial pendants in 8k GOLD and as well as a byzantine bracelet 19cm in 14k gold.

28. September 2017

Silver 925: Chains and bracelets in Sterling-Silver 925

Popular pendant chains in Sterling Silver 925, about round snake chains and nice curb chain bracelets.

22. September 2017

Gold 14K and Silver 925: Byzantine chains and bracelets in Sterling Silver 925 and in 14k GOLD

Exclusive gifts for Christmas - angular Byzantine chains and bracelets in different diameters and lengths in Sterling Silver 925. New: now also available in 50cm length as Byzantine chain in 14ct Gold.

13. September 2017

Gold-Plated Jewellery: lots of chains and bracelets

New in stock: Chains and bracelets in excellent quality of gold plated jewellery, as well as wide curb chains, flat snake chains, byzantine chains.

08. September 2017

Gold 9K + 14K and Silver 925: Chains and bracelets in Sterling-Silver 925 and in 9k + 14k GOLD

Byzantine bracelets and popular pendant chains in Sterling Silver 925 and as well as nice bracelets and chains in 9k and 14k gold.

07. September 2017

Gold 9K and Silver 925: Byzantine Chains 5x5mm, Sterling-Silver-Jewellery with freshwaterpearls and 3 chains in 9K GOLD

Strong byzantine chains in Sterling Silver 925 up to 70cm length, popular freshwater pearls, now also in rosé, and two completely new items - pendant and ear studs with freshwater pearls in a silver cage - as well as 3 standard chains in 9ct gold.

18. August 2017

Silver 925: New items - pendants, hoops and leverback earrings, freshwater pearls

Several new items and well-known items - artful hoops with freshwater pearls, stud earrings and leverbacks, all products in 925 Sterling Silver rhodium plated.

10. August 2017

GOLD 9K and 14K: Several chains, pendants with anchor, ginkgo leaf and witch

New on stock: A lof of chains in 9K and 14K GOLD, a few pendants with anchor, studs and brooch ginkgo leaf and witch in 9K GOLD.

10. August 2017

Silver 925: Chains for pendants, byzantine chains and Huggie Earrings

New in stock: Several Chains for pendants, byzantine chains and bracelets, simple hoop earrings in 925 Sterlingsilver.

01. August 2017

Gold 9K and Silver 925: New Earrings and Pendants

A lot of new gold and silver jewellery items: studs and leverback earrings, pendants with ginkgo leaf and tree of life - in 9K GOLD and 925 Sterlingsilver.

28. July 2017

Gold 8K and Silver 925: Initial-pendants, Jesus-sign-fish and more...

Warehouse filled up with several initial-pendants and jesus-sign-pendant and more...in 8K Gold and Silver 925.

25. July 2017

Silver 925 and Gold 9K : ID-Bracelets, Pendants and Huggie Earrings

New in stock: Hoop and leverback earrings, pendants in 925 Sterlingsilver and one pendant to be engraved in 9K GOLD.

04. July 2017

Silver 925: hoop earrings, kids jewellery

Popular items of kids jewellery and hinged hoop earrings in Silver 925

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