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How our Products come into your Shop

Our offer: Product data in CSV format and picture service

GALLAY CSV-Dataservice What is the CSV data service?
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Download of files from 'UNIVERSAL-CSV' area
Creation and download of your 'INDIVIDUAL CSV' file
What does CSV data service cost?
Creation of individual product categories
Calculation of your sales price
Help with questions to the CSV data or the picture service

What is the CSV data service?

Our "CSV data service" offers you the opportunity to include - fully uncomplicated - our products into your shop or other sales system on the Internet. With CSV files are you able to incorporate 100, 1000 or more products in a matter of minutes into most sales systems. This eliminates for you the annoying task of typing elaborate item descriptions. Even the creation of article images is superfluous, since you receive all article images from us - either as a URL link or a copy on your server. Test our system - there are endless possibilities.

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Download of files from 'UNIVERSAL-CSV' area

In the download area 'UNIVERSAL-CSV' you can choose your favorites or download all available product data of our inventory.

Creation and download of your 'INDIVIDUAL CSV' file

This area is intended for all customers, who want a specifically adapted INDIVIDUAL CSV file containing only their favorite products. We create these files for internet platforms like, e.g. Mallux, Hood, Auvito or for your own XT or osCommerce based shop system. Ask us, thogether we will find a solution for your needs.

How much does the CSV data service cost?

For more information about the one-time fee click here...

Creation of individual product categories

For every article or item group in our shop you can assign individual product categories within your INDIVIDUAL CSV file. This assignment happens either directly in the CSV area or via EXCEL file upload (for Experts only). Your individual settings will then be taken into account for every article during creation of your INDIVIDUAL CSV file. The assignment to these individual categories needs to be done only once.

Calculation of your sales price

You can calculate your sales prices with the help of prize factors within a 6-stage relay in your INDIVIDUAL CSV file. The base for your calculation is always our list price (netto). Please, note that the function 'PRIZE FACTORS' is reserved exclusiv to customers with individually created CSV files ('INDIVIDUAL CSV').

Access to csv4you.com

Using the link below, you can create an account on csv4you.com.
This works only as long as no account with your e-mail address already exists!
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Help with questions to the CSV data or the picture service

With all questions to the CSV area or to the picture service, please address, only by e-mail, our support at: post.gallay.eu. We will answer you fast and competent on workdays in the time from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

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How our Products come into your Shop?

CSV data service

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