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Dropshipping Program Overview

What is Dropshipping?

A drop shipper is a manufacturer (like us) or an authorized wholesale distributor who will ship your single item orders directly to your customers. You, as our partner, will be supplied with marketing materials such as photos, descriptions, or specs of products for your website. This product information (pictures, descriptions, specs) is shown to the customer and the item then sold by you at retail value. Once you receive an order, you transmit the customer’s order information to us and we in turn will ship the item(s) directly to your customer.
The concept of drop shipping was influenced largely by the Just-In-Time movement in manufacturing - the concept of a reduced inventory became popular as a cost reduction method. In turn, reduced inventory in factories resulted in lower inventory risks and higher cost savings. Likewise, the retail world embraced similar benefits of an “on-demand” type of supply chain with drop shipping methods. Drop shipping with GALLAY Jewellery will allow any retail partner to cut inventory, labor, packaging, and shipping costs. This will enable you to focus your efforts on marketing your business to new and existing customers.

Advantages of Dropshipping

There are many ways to benefit from dropshipping. The biggest benefit is that less capital is required to start your business. This means that you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars stocking your store with inventory. Overhead costs are cut significantly when using the online drop ship model. You can work from anywhere and all you need is your computer. You get to set the retail price at whatever you want for nice profits because jewelry traditionally has a high resale value. Finally, growing your company is easy. In the brick and mortal retail model, the more business comes, the more work is required to process the increasing order volume. Since GALLAY Jewellery as dropship company processes your orders, you don’t have to worry about hiring additional labor. This way you can focus your efforts towards providing excellent customer service and marketing your business.
Our dropship platform can be paired with the standard retail model too! Retail stores frequently utilize our dropship service to ship products they have just run out. You may also choose to drop ship some styles and stock others. The flexibility of our dropshipping and wholesale programs provides plenty of options for business owners to succeed.

A few things to consider

Since joining our dropship program requires no investment in inventory, this means that we are in control of the inventory and its retail packaging. This impacts you as retailer in three main ways. First, we typically require at least one business days to ship your order - depending on the time the order is placed. Some marketplaces may require that its retail partners ship orders within one day – regardless of the time ordered or Holidays or Weekends. Second, fulfillment errors, though infrequent, do happen. Don’t worry; our return policy is in place to account for any errors that we make. And finally, when we discontinue items, or an item runs out, we provide that information on our data feed. To avoid selling an item that is recently discontinued or stocked out, we recommend checking our data feed regularly to ensure the products you are selling reflect accurate inventory levels. Our data feed system at csv4you.com provides a convenient and automatic way to keep your shop updated.

Is dropshipping for you?

If you’re interested in a low-cost alternative to start a business selling jewelry, then yes! If you have an existing retail store front and want to offer more styles than you can stock, this is also a flexible option! Check out our program details for more information.


GALLAY Jewellery Dropshipping Program

Ordering and Payment

You have two options when it comes to placing a drop ship order. You may order directly from our website GALLAY.eu. You can pay immediately upon placing your web order via PayPal. However, we will ship your order only after we have received your payment. Tracking information will be provided via email as soon as the order gets shipped.
We also have an order template option that you can use and email us automatically from your shop if you have an order. When you have paid the order via PayPal, the item will be shipped to your customer within two business days of receipt of order form at the most. The DS cost is billed per customer order, not per individual item. When the order is shipped we will email you the tracking information. There is no minimum order amount for our DS program. GALLAY Jewellery is a blind drop shipper, meaning we will ship with your return address and company name listed on the package. But, you can opt to use the address of our warehouse in conjunction with your company’s to simplify customer's returns.
The only method of payment we accept for our drop ship program is PayPal. That way, payments with American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, or any other Credit Card are also possible. Subscription payments will be billed automatically every month. You may cancel any paid subscription(s) at any time.

Price Guidelines

A Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy is in place for our program. The MAP is the lowest price partners are allowed to advertise our products for sale on their website. The MAP is at least our sales price plus shipping and enforced for all drop ship partners.


All products ordered through our Drop Ship program will come complete with non-specific standard packaging. These are standard, neutral paper or plastic bags plus sturdy cardboard outer packages and they will certainly ensure safety during transportation. Jewelry boxes can be ordered as an optional add-on. Our packaging may change depending on availability with our suppliers.

Product Feeds

We provide comprehensive listings of GALLAY Jewellery products. The product feeds are provided in several CSV/XML formats for many leading online shops. Additionally, we have API interfaces available for some shop systems, but also especially approved ones for Amazon and eBay. Our product feeds include specifications, prices, and images that we have available for each product. Please be advised that not all products are included in our dropship program. We charge a one-time setup fee of €71.40 incl. VAT for our data services, which includes access to our feed server, usage of all product data and a license for our product images. You may purchase it here.


Upon logging into our feed system at csv4you.com, we provide csv/xml feeds that can be uploaded into your ecommerce store. These inventory feeds are updated hourly. Standard shop administration knowledge is recommended for this feature. We also provide our inventory feeds via API connections. These inventory feeds are also updated once an hour. Intermediate to advanced user knowledge is recommended to use this feature.


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