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We permanently get informed by our friends and partners from around the Web - about news, trends and/or best practice advice, loosely related to the jewelry retail business. Therefore, we present you here the most interesting or most useful of this information every month - from the following 3 top categories:

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Hot new/continued jewelry trends as presented to your customers from around the Web. See what they see when they scour the Web and think about your inventory. Marketing news and related info that you could use in your daily operations. How to get your name out there, wherever you can and get people to know about your business.

Tools and Trends (mostly tech related) that can make your business life easier. These are tools or trends that can help your business grow, get more organized, save more money, and/or streamline operations.

Hopefully, you will get some tips/suggestions for your own business activities from this!

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October 2018

How to use Amazon Vouchers to drive sales

How to use Amazon Vouchers to drive sales

Amazon is offering merchants a new self-service marketing tool, that can help you to differentiate your offerings through compelling discounts and badges highlighted in search results. Itís called Amazon Vouchers and, although itís not a brand new program, is now being offered to merchants to increase attractiveness of their products.

You can offer vouchers with a fixed £ value discount or a % discount off the product price. Merchants can target vouchers at specific customer segments and they will potentially show up in multiple places across the site. Theyíll definitely be presented on the product detail page and search results. They may also appear on the deals page and a specific Amazon Vouchers landing page.

When a customer collects a Voucher (They have to click to collect), they can add it to their shopping cart. If they then go on and purchase a relevant item the voucher is automatically applied at checkout. It gives the customer a bit incentive to purchase a product while thereís a voucher and not delay.

Fees apply since the 2nd of July based on the redemption date, not the voucher date. However any budgets you set in the Seller Central Dashboard will only apply to vouchers created from the 2nd July onwards Ė not to any you may have set up during the trial period. Our advice would be to have them expire soon and start new vouchers, to which the budget limits you set will apply.

Costs will be per order that is completed with a redeemed voucher. Fees will be based on the redemption date, not the voucher start or end date. Itís a pay as you go program so youíll only pay when a voucher is redeemed and you get a sale, but donít forget youíll also be giving a discount, so factor that into your marketing budget.

How Amazon Vouchers appear to consumers

Above we wrote about how to use Amazon Vouchers to drive sales which youíll find along with many other useful posts here on gallay.eu. We thought it worthwhile to also highlighting how Amazon displays these vouchers to buyers and thus why you should be considering if the program is for you.

Your promotions may appear on Amazonís Deals pages and on their Amazon Vouchers Landing Page, but thatís mainly aimed at buyers browsing. Where promotions really count is when buyers are ready to make a purchase:

Amazon Vouchers in Search Results

Your product will be flagged as carrying a promotion in the Amazon search results pages hot linked to the product detail page. This is a great way to stand out in search results.

Voucher in Search Results

Amazon Vouchers on product detail pages

On the product detail page, the Amazon Voucher will be clearly highlighted with a ĎPromotion Messageí banner.

Voucher on detail page

All the customer has to do is check the box and the voucher is applied to their account. To ensure that there is a sense of urgency, once the voucher is applied, Amazon display messaging telling the consumer how long they have to complete their purchase before the voucher expires.

selected Voucher on detail page

There are many websites dedicated to couponing and voucher collecting, so itís no surprise that Amazon is keen to appeal to this sector of consumers. For some, all it takes is to see a coupon and theyíre motivated to purchase and collect the savings.

By Chris Dawson

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