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October 2018

5 Great Jewelry Trends

5 Great Jewelry Trends

Among the easiest ways to enhance a look is by wearing some jewelry on top of ones usual clothes. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other kinds of jewelry can massively change a style. There are many different jewelry trends that define the times. Designers have been coming up with new innovative trends that have rocked the fashion world this year. A couple of styles have thus started to be evident. Here are 5 great jewelry trends for the last quarter of 2018.


You might have worn some anklets when you were younger. The jewelry is very popular with teens and young adults. In recent years though, the anklets have become a huge trend for everyone. You might have spotted a celebrity or two in recent years donning these jewelry pieces. Considering how sandals have made it back to the fashion trends in a huge way, anklets are almost a natural jewelry choice. Summer 2018 has been defined by anklets and the trend will not wane soon.

Traditional/Religious Symbols

Traditional symbols have been used around the world for a long time. There are many recognizable symbols used on jewelry. From crosses to shamrocks and even triskelions, there is no shortage of these symbols in jewelry. One of the traditional symbols that have found appreciation all over the world is the Star of David. The symbol, which is traditional to the Jewish culture, has become increasingly popular among non-Jews in recent years. You can find iconic necklaces and other kinds of jewelry with the symbol. Considering how elegant and simple it looks, it is not a surprise that the Star of David jewelry is one that is especially popular in 2018.

Thick Hoops

Hoops have always been popular over the years. They tend however to go out of fashion and then come back again. In 2017, they were barely a trend. This year though, huge asymmetrical hoops are very much in fashion. A lot of people are specifically going for the 80s look when they wear these earrings. Most of the huge earrings being worn are also a little irregular and designed to represent freedom. The hoops trend will definitely endure throughout the year. The styles are evolving and by the end of the year, a number of trends will be clearly defined.

Pinky Rings

Rings are crucial accessories. They are mostly used to declare status even though not at all times. Pinky rings are specifically used for fashion and nothing else much. Pinky rings have a rich history. They have been worn over the years by both men and women. Some famous royal figures have also worn the rings. Pinky rings are back in full force in 2018. There are different styles of the rings ranging from thin rings to thick heavy rings. You cannot go wrong with a nice pinky ring in 2018 whether you are wearing casual or formal.

Layered Necklaces

Finally, layered necklaces seem to be very trendy this year. These necklaces seem to have replaced the chokers that pretty much defined the previous year. Layered necklaces have a great history and there are numerous modern and ancient styles to borrow from. In 2018, most people are opting for these necklaces to go alongside full necks and other forms of clothing. The great thing about layered necklaces is that they are thin but show a lot of sophistication.

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