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necklace, flat-curved tube beads blue-grey

necklace, flat-curved tube beads blue-grey
necklace, flat-curved tube beads blue-grey necklace, flat-curved tube beads blue-grey

Size: 54x19mm
material:plastic and cotton
length: 45cm
Item-No.: 01346
GTIN: 4051288184605
Price per: 1 Piece
available: 8

If you love looking fashionable everywhere you go, then you’ll definitely love wearing this amazing necklace with blue-grey, flat-curved tube. A truly stylish accessory, this necklace consists of a flat-curved tube that is added to a necklace consisting of multiple blue cotton cords.
The flat-curved tube is adorned with an abstract design, which combines shades of blue and grey. The beautiful blend of colors creates a splendid look of this trendy accessory. Made of plastic, this accessory is a great choice for your casual outfits, as it will add a personal touch to your clothing.


necklace, flat-curved tube beads blue-grey

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