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Bangle olive green

Item-No.: 01162 available: 61 Size: innen 67mm

Set of 3 bangles brown matte

Item-No.: 01166 available: 3 Size: innen 66mm

Hinged bangle red grey enameled

Item-No.: 01202 available: 14 Size: innen 53x63mm

Bangle 6 row glass crystals white

Item-No.: 01249 available: 45 Size: innen 65mm

Bangle 6 row glass crystals orange

Item-No.: 01262 available: 44 Size: innen 65mm

Bangle 6 row glass crystals turquoise

Item-No.: 01263 available: 38 Size: innen 65mm

Bangle 4 row glass crystals turquoise

Item-No.: 01267 available: 45 Size: innen 65mm

Bangle 4 row glass crystals white

Item-No.: 01268 available: 56 Size: innen 65mm

Bangle 4 row glass crystals orange

Item-No.: 01269 available: 52 Size: innen 65mm

Set of 3 bangles antique silver

Item-No.: 01476 available: 75 Size: innen 66mm

Set of 5 bangles plastic 2x red and 3x rose

Item-No.: 03232 available: 8 Size: innen 65mm


Item-No.: 90304 available: 20 Size: 29x10mm

Pendant, Charm, Highheel, Silver 925

Item-No.: 90415 available: 6 Size: 11x14x6mm

pendant, yellow star, silver 925

Item-No.: 90459 available: 36 Size: 15x10mm

Pendant, Zirconia Heart, Silver 925

Item-No.: 90473 available: 35 Size: 14x16mm

Pendant, 4 Zirconia Crystals, Silver 925

Item-No.: 92075 available: 6 Size: 21x7mm

Stud Earrings, CZ Peridot/ Light Green, Silver 925

Item-No.: 92328 available: 33 Size: 8x5mm

Stud Earrings, CZ Champagne, Silver 925

Item-No.: 92371 available: 6 Size: 11x6mm

Pendant, Monkey, Silver 925

Item-No.: 92645 available: 8 Size: 10mm

Pendant, Heart with two Eyelets, Silver 925

Item-No.: 92646 available: 27 Size: 21mm

Hoop Earrings, Cubic Zirconia, Silver 925

Item-No.: 93308 available: 20 Size: 12,5x5mm

Necklace, Singapore Chain, Silver 925, 50CM

Item-No.: 118001-50 available: 27 Size: 3,3mm

necklace Y-chain 3 chains silver 925

Item-No.: 130078-45 available: 19 Size: 0,8mm

Necklace, mariner chain, diamond cut, gold plated, 50cm

Item-No.: 205006-50 available: 9 Size: 5,6mm

figaro chain, diamond cut, gold plated

Item-No.: 213531-50 available: 19 Size: 1,9mm

chain, snake and balls, gold plated

Item-No.: 219000-40 available: 13 Size: 1,4mm

Necklace round snake chain gold plated 38cm DE NO

Item-No.: 219007-38 available: 11 Size: 1,5mm

Necklace, Red Beads, Gold Plated

Item-No.: 230035-45 available: 21 Size: 5mm

Necklace, Red Beads, Gold Plated

Item-No.: 230035-42 available: 17 Size: 5mm

Necklace, Aqua Blue Beads, Gold Plated

Item-No.: 230036-42 available: 28 Size: 5mm

Necklace, Aqua Blue Beads, Gold Plated

Item-No.: 230036-45 available: 33 Size: 5mm

Necklace, Singapore Chain, Gold Plated

Item-No.: 244350-40 available: 30 Size: 2,3mm


Item-No.: 430744 available: 9 Size: 10x2mm


Item-No.: 430982 available: 10 Size: 7x7mm

Earring, hoop, bicolor, 9k red-gold

Item-No.: 431049 available: 11 Size: 16x8mm

Pendant, Cross, Diamond Cut, 9K Gold

Item-No.: 431070 available: 31 Size: 22x13mm

Pendant, Heart, Bi-Coloured, 9K Gold

Item-No.: 431223 available: 21 Size: 15x16mm

pendant, heart with zirconias, 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431389 available: 20 Size: 11x12mm

stud earrings, return arrow, 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431417 available: 28 Size: 6x5mm

stud earrings butterfly bicolor 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431418 available: 21 Size: 6x5mm

leverback earrings, zirconias, 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431432 available: 16 Size: 30x7mm

pendant, cross, 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431436 available: 17 Size: 12x10mm

hoop earrings, bicolor, 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431441 available: 20 Size: 13x4mm

hoop earrings, bicolor, 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431443 available: 24 Size: 17x2mm

hoop earrings, bicolor, 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431446 available: 23 Size: 14x4mm

hoop earrings, bicolor, 9K GOLD

Item-No.: 431447 available: 21 Size: 14x3mm

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