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Jewelry Industry and Retail News

We permanently get informed by our friends and partners from around the Web - about news, trends and/or best practice advice, loosely related to the jewelry retail business. Therefore, we present you here the most interesting or most useful of this information every month - from the following 3 top categories:

Trends Sales Tech
Hot new/continued jewelry trends as presented to your customers from around the Web. See what they see when they scour the Web and think about your inventory. Marketing news and related info that you could use in your daily operations. How to get your name out there, wherever you can and get people to know about your business.

Tools and Trends (mostly tech related) that can make your business life easier. These are tools or trends that can help your business grow, get more organized, save more money, and/or streamline operations.

Hopefully, you will get some tips/suggestions for your own business activities from this!

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September 2017

Must Have Ecommerce Analytics Tools

Must Have Ecommerce Analytics Tools The first thing I say to every new ecommerce entrepreneur is you will need to invest time in setting up an analytics tool. While I would really recommend analytics tools to be the first tool any website owner should install on their site, there are certain features that make them an absolute must on ecommerce sites. In this article I have found the top seven best ecommerce analytics tools.


If you are looking for a comprehensive ecommerce analytics solution, then KISSmetrics should really be your first stop. The company offers a powerful analytics tool that provides really good information that helps you increase customer acquisition and retention rates. Through the very detailed information presented, you can make better decisions on not only the layout, but also the marketing of your online store.


nother analytics software that is almost always mentioned in the same sentence KISSmetrics is RetentionGrid. What's great about RetentionGrid is the fact it provides the data in easy to understand color coded graphs, furthermore, they provide suggestions on how to best reach the different segments, in other words, what kind of marketing works best as well as which campaigns will have the best results depending on who your visitors are.

Google Analytics

Compiling a list of best analytics tools without mentioning Google Analytics is like mentioning Italy without saying Pizza or Pasta. Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most well known web analytics tools used by website owners from all corners of the globe. The only drawback is that in order to get really detailed reports, you really need to spend a lot of time fine tuning the different tools. Thanks to the popularity of the tool, there are literally hundreds of tutorials on the web, also thanks to the popularity of tool, it is easily integrated into many ecommerce platforms.


One thing that makes Clicky so popular is the fact that it is extremely easy to use, meaning no matter how experienced you are, you will still be able to use this analytics tool. One aspect that sets Clicky apart from their main competitors is the live information made available to website owners.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is another very powerful analytical tool often used by large ecommerce stores. However, before you go ahead and spend a truck load of money, please be aware of the fact that it does require significant knowledge of the application in order to set it up properly, and it can end up being a very costly affair before you get the data you really need.

RJ Metrics

RJ Metrics isn't your typical Google clone, it actually goes one step further, not only does it provide a detailed analysis of your website, however it also makes suggestions on things you can do to make it better and to help your etailer grow. Furthermore, if you are just getting started with your online store, then the company provides many great tutorials and suggestions.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg isn't as much an ecommerce analytical solution as the rest of the solutions mentioned in this list, instead it can really be used on almost any website. What makes this software better than many other solutions is the fact that they offer some very comprehensive and yet user friendly graphs. Furthermore, the company offers information in the form of heat maps, which can be used to examine which areas of your website you need to focus on and which areas your visitors are simply ignoring.

ecommerce-platforms.com Catalin Zorzini

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