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Jewelry Industry and Retail News

We permanently get informed by our friends and partners from around the Web - about news, trends and/or best practice advice, loosely related to the jewelry retail business. Therefore, we present you here the most interesting or most useful of this information every month - from the following 3 top categories:

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Hot new/continued jewelry trends as presented to your customers from around the Web. See what they see when they scour the Web and think about your inventory. Marketing news and related info that you could use in your daily operations. How to get your name out there, wherever you can and get people to know about your business.

Tools and Trends (mostly tech related) that can make your business life easier. These are tools or trends that can help your business grow, get more organized, save more money, and/or streamline operations.

Hopefully, you will get some tips/suggestions for your own business activities from this!

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September 2017

What Retail Partners Should Carry in September

What Retail Partners Should Carry in September Well, most people who venture into the Jewelry industry have some sort of uncertainty on whether they will thrive in the business. This is because it is not everyday people will walk into your shop and buy plenty of gifts and jewelry. Well, that is just some stereotypic opinions people have created in their own world as an excuse of underperforming. If you know what you want, you will crack the means of succeeding in the industry, even when it is the low season.

The idea here is mastering the techniques to apply to improve your sales and attract customers with your products. There are specific jewelries people are usually looking for and you can start there to make sure your business does not run dry on your watch.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is perceived to be very expensive so most people will have planned beforehand if they want a specific jewelry with gold elements. In the fashion industry, gold jewelry is fine jewelry that you can buy for yourself to put on during special occasions or be gifted to by your man. So, as the retailer, ensure your stock is inclusive of gold earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants.

Some of the ideal gold jewelry products are; stud earrings, Zirconia, Pink heart gold; pendant, cherries, 9K; bracelet, Bismarck chain, 9mm, gold plated; ring with Zirconia, flower gold plated 3 microns. These jewelries are ideal for sale as customers love pretty jewelry that make a statement on their own.

Silver Jewelry

People love metallic jewelry and silver being one of them, jewelry that is silver plated is meant to sell like wild fire. Unlike gold, silver is more affordable and economical to any customer that walks into your retail store. So, even though you will not have much in your collection, ensure that you have a few silver earrings, necklaces and bracelets to sell.

Women tend to have an issue buying expensive fine gold jewelry for themselves, but they still want to accessorize with high quality jewelry worth their purchases. Therefore, they tend to fall back in price and go for silver jewelry.

In your collection, ensure you have; hoop earrings, silver plated 925; pendant star blue Zirconia silver 925; pendant charm glass 5mm silver 925.

Fashion/Costume Jewelry

For those who are not into metallic jewelry, they love to settle for fashion and costume jewelry that is ideal in defining their fashion and style. So, if you want a successful gift and jewelry business, these should never be missing on your list of must have jewelry. Costume jewelry are not usually overpriced and there are those that look like 1000 bucks but their actual price is lower than that. The best thing with selling fashion jewelry is that it is readily available and it comes in different designs and there is a whole lot of it.

Needless to say, people are into such jewelry - so you can always make sales. When it comes to selling fashion/costume jewelry, you need to know what the people want and know the tips people apply to sell. You can have some jewelry in different colors and with gems for statement necklaces.

Some ideal fashion/costume jewelry include; necklace, red/black, pressed beads; stud earrings, red transparent, necklace beads 10mm, lilac-purple 80cm.

Decorative Items

Decorative items should also be part of your stock. Their sales are high and regardless of their design, people never lack a reason to buy this precious jewel. They can be made out of anything and with any material and design. Regardless of who is buying and for what occasion or purpose, decorative items are affordable and add a deluxe touch, some have been designed with pearls, diamonds and gems.

However, selling them on their own does not have much benefit and it may not be a good strategy to stock them alone. They are meant to complement other jewelries and you can place them near different jewelry collections to ensure that they are purchased as plus one. Ideal decorative items can include; scarf bead slanted brown orange marble; window ornament light green transparent seashell; sun catcher “Sun” with crystal elements gold plated.

With these great jewelry gifts, you can run a successful business and be confident that for a monthly sale, you will be recording good numbers. However, all this is dependent on the sale strategies you incorporate in your retail business and the items you are offering to your customers.

by Alicia | GALLAY Retail Partner ES

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